Skipping / Charging Schedule. 


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Are Skips allowed for the subscriptions?
Skips will be allowed for 2023 except for the Book Club subscription, you will not be able to skip this box. We may limit skips in 2024 for the big book boxes but for now, skip to your lou my darlin'.

Are there skip limits for the boxes?
For now you can skip any box as long as you do it before the skip date. Refunds will not be issued once charged. 

Will we have the option to buy again if we miss or can't buy during the individual sale month?
We would never say never but we will not have any pre-planned reprints. It will depend on demand, our capabilities at that time and author approval. 

Would you ever consider shipping directly to international locations?
Honestly, we would love to but it just not feasible for us at the moment.
We have a VERY small team and when we add all the extras steps and fees necessary for international shipping it becomes too time consuming for us to maintain.
The fact that third party shipment rerouting is an option is an absolute blessing to us as it means international customers are able to get in on the Dark and Quirky action. 
This may change one day as our team grows.  

I received a tracking number, does that mean my box has shipped?
Yes! When we purchase and print out your shipping label you automatically get an email with the tracking number. This is why it might take time to start showing movement. If we print your label on a weekend it won't be scanned in by the post office until the following business day. 

Is there an option to pay the full year up front?
At the moment, no. Unfortunately not. 

Is there a waitlist to join the subscriptions?
Yes. We order books VERY far in advance so we will be able open up subscription spots at the end of the year. 

Will all special editions be signed?
Not necessarily. We all love a signed book but there are factors to take into consideration. Timing for one, the author's availability, location and their capability. We will do what we can to provide you with something whether it be handsigned, digital, bookplate or a Novel Note, but please keep in mind signatures are not a guarantee.