Wicked Tales Book Box

Wicked Tales Book Box

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A seasonal box for some of our favorite Paranormal and Fantasy series.

5 Books / 4 BOXES per YEAR - $140
Charged every 3 months

In this box you will find one fantasy or paranormal series consisting of 5 Hardcover books (It may also include two duets, one trilogy and one standalone or one duet and one trilogy... you get the idea)

5 Hardback books with SE alt covers and some fun extras.
This is a ‘just books’ subscription box but we like bookish stuff so we’re throwing in some paper goodies too (think bookmarks, stickers or art prints).

* This box will always contain completed series. If for some reason an additional book comes out in the same series (not a spinoff) we will complete the series.

** One book will be hand signed unless otherwise stated and they will have bookplates and/or digital signatures.