Book Club

Dark and Quirky: Book Club

One book/month
$25 per month
US customers - price includes shipping. 

This is a monthly surprise subscription box. 
We will be announcing all the authors in advance, but the book will be a surprise until you get it. 

OPENS DEC 1 2022 - 



What do you get by subscribing:

* Your book will be delivered the month before we are set to read it. 

* A custom reading journal to accompany your DQ book club journey. 

* Access to the book club facebook page and discussion within, as well as the month end live chat. This is a private page but it will be open to anyone that wants to read along with us. Access is not why you are subscribing)

* Enrolled in the monthly prize draw - Prizes will be special edition books from the Dark and Quirky SE archives.
Please note there will be no skips for this box

What if I want to participate in book club but can’t commit to every month?

You can read another copy of the book. Doesn’t have to be ours to participate in the discussion or the facebook page.

What if I want only one book?
Pre-order for all the Special editions of books featured during the year will be available at the end of each year. These can be purchased individually.

Participating on a month to month basis gives you:
* Access to the book club facebook page and discussion within.


When will the Book Club be available for sign ups?
Book Club sign ups will open in December - make sure you are signed up on the waitlist. 
The first book will be shipped to you in January and book club will officially begin in February.
Our chat with the author will happen at the end of February once you've all had a chance to read the book.