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2024 Book Club Subscription

One book per month for $25

This subscription is for people that want to discover something new and read along with book friends. 

Runs from February to November 2024.
Book Club subscriptions will open on January 4th and remain open until January 9th.
There is no subscription rollover - Everyone needs to sign up again, even subscribers to the 2023 book club.

No panic, it's an open preorder for whoever wants it.
Once we close the listing that's it until the end of the year 

Special edition cover. Unsigned

No skips on this subscription, you can cancel at any time but skips will be understood as a cancellation.

Charging schedule 
First charge for February pick - Jan 4 to 9
Charge for March pick - February 1st
Charge for April pick - March 1st
Charge for May pick - April 1st
Charge for June pick - May 1st
Charge for July pick - June 1st
Charge for August pick - July 1st
Charge for September pick - August 1st
Charge for October pick - Setember 1st
Charge for November pick - October 1st
December we will have a preorder sale available for all the 2024 books. They will ship in late January/early February 2025