Shipping Updates

Last updated: Nov 27 @ 1100 am PDT

Ruthless Boys Shipping update

All boxes have been shipped.
If you have not received your tracking info for your order please email us at

We are currently working on getting up to date on any damaged replacements. 

Our process for replacements is,
1. You email us with your concerns + photos. 
2. If accepted, you mail the damaged copy back to us. 
3. Once your damaged copy arrives at our warehouse we turn around and mail the replacement copy out.

If we haven't received the original copy yet we wouldn't have mailed the new one out. Please feel free to email us for updates on your replacement however until it arrives at our warehouse, we won't have any more info than this. 



Ruthless Boys Extras and Damaged copies

You will have the opportunity to buy any extras from us in early 2023. This will be the last time you can get these books as we don’t have plans for any reprints.



At the moment we are giving Runyx her space and time to focus on family so I do not have an update on the timeline of Kinetik.
I can assure you, as we have been assured, that it is coming. We will be releasing this special edition we just truly don’t know when.
There will be one print run of it and one print run only. The orders that have already paid will get it but that will be it.
If you’re no longer comfortable waiting, We are offering a single paperback credits to those who want one or a refund of $25
Please email help@

Dark and Deadly Secret Box

All Dark and Deadly Secret orders have been shipped. Including the scratch and dent discounted damages.
If you haven't received your tracking number for these yet please email us

Mind the 'AGE' Gap Box

We will begin packing and shipping paperbacks as soon as the books arrive in our warehouse. An updated ETA will be here as soon as we have it. 

Please note - Hardcovers won't be sent until January 2023


2023 Subscription Boxes 

Wicked Tales - Kelly St. Clare box - shipping January to March
Corrupted Nights - Monica James - Shipping January to March
Dark and Quirky - Curated 4 authors - Shipping January to March
any updates will be added here when we have them