Changes are coming in 2024

Subscriptions will be opening soon. Here's what you need to know.
* They will remain open for 3 days and then they will be closed until the end of 2024.
* New subscribers are locked into (not able to skip) their first box. If you want all three subscriptions you are locked into all 3 of the Winter 2024 boxes which is why we are staggering the sign up dates.
* We will announce the authors we are featuring before you need to purchase.
** Please note that new subscribers will be making the payment for the first boxes early but after the first payment in each subscription you will cycle onto the same schedule as everyone else. Your first payment is early.
Dark and Quirky Subscription opens November 1st and closes November 3rd
Wicked Tales Subscription opens December 1st and closes December 3rd
Corrupted Nights Subscription  opens January 12th and closes January 14th
Subscription FAQ HERE