Damages + Replacements

If you think that your books are damaged, please email us at hello@shopdarkandquirky.com and include pictures with a description of the damage. 
Here is a reference of damages that we will always replace at no cost to you.
Print house issues -
Damages that got through our quality control from the printer. (We check every book but its possible a few damaged copies will make it through) Ex. Glue globs, misaligned end pages, loose/torn pages.
Missing signatures -
If your book is missing the signature plate, we will replace it for you. 

* * *

Shipping damage may not qualify for auto-replacement.
We do our best to pack the books snug and protected however we have no control over how the packages are handled once they leave our warehouse. 

Please send us photos if you are unhappy with the condition and we will do our best to accommodate.

For bumped corners or something like this

Please attempt to flatten with your hands as this is considered normal wear and tear and it is possible for this to be fixed on your own most of the time. 


Please email us at hello or help @shopdarkandquirky.com if you have any questions or concerns.