Skip & Charge Dates


$5 price increase for each box

This is to keep up with the growing cost of materials. We will not be raising prices again in 2024



Dark and Quirky

Winter 2024 - New subscriber purchase date (no skips) - November 1st-3rd

Winter 2024 - Current subscriber charge date + skip by date - February 15th

Spring 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - May 15th

Summer 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - August 15th

Fall 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - November 15th

Wicked Tales  

Winter 2024 - New subscriber purchase date (no skips) - December 1st-3rd

Winter 2024 - Current subscriber charge date + skip by date - December 15th

Spring 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - March 15th

Summer 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - June 15th

Fall 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - September 15th

Corrupted Nights  

Winter 2024 - New subscriber purchase date (no skips) - January 12th-14th

Winter 2024 - Current subscriber charge + skip by date - January 15th

Spring 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - April 15th

Summer 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - July 15th

Fall 2024 - Charge and Skip by date - October 15th


No skips on this subscription

The first of every month 

How many skips can we use?
We are allowing unlimited skips. We know not every box we curate is going to be for every reader, so we want you to have the flexibility of where you spend your money. 
*however if you skip multiple in a row/a whole year of subs we will contact you and see if this subscription is for you. We do reserve the right to cancel your sub at any time.

When do I need to skip by?
The skip by date is now the charge date. You can skip a box until the moment you are charged for it.

*If you forget to skip we will NOT be able to refund you. Please VIP/star/flag the reminder emails or set a reminder in your phone for your charge dates. We do not issue refunds if you forget to skip. However if you prefer to cancel your subscription we can do that for you and refund the payment of your unfulfilled box.


I'm a current subscriber, what do I need to do?
Current subscribers will roll into the new subscriptions. (with the exception of Book Club)

We are making the changes on our end so current subscribers don’t have to do anything but you may notice changes in your customer portal. If you have questions feel free to email us.

***Price increases go into effect as of the 2024 boxes.***

I Want it all subscribers will be swapped over to 3 individual subscriptions. Your charge dates are still monthly, they alternate between the 3 subscriptions as they currently do, but instead of having one sub to cover all you will have three seasonal subs.

You will also be able to skip easier as it will be very clear which box you are skipping.


Non Subscriber Options

You don't want to sub full time, you're a casual box lover.
We will be offer one-time boxes, however there is a slight price increase on the one time boxes. 

Dark and Quirky (4 books) $135 + shipping

Wicked Tales (5 books) $155 + shipping

Corrupted Nights (5 books) $155 + shipping

Since we are opening the subscription up, everyone has the opportunity to get what they want.  We will no longer be offering extras to waitlisters. Extras will be based on how many skips we have and will be available to the general public on our website

Extra subscriptions up for one time purchase will now cost an additional $10.

An additional $10 is added to one time purchases however you have the option to do a sezzle payment plan. 


Will there be any special boxes outside of the subscription?
Yes, we have a few planned for 2024 and they will all be pre-order boxes. You will find out more information next year.

We will try to give at least one month notice before the preorder opens so you are able to plan/save for the box if you want it. Please keep in mind pre-order means longer wait times as we don't order them until we know how many people want them. 



I Want it all Subscription is gone
We will be transitioning current IWIA subs over to single subscriptions. If there is one you prefer over others you can cancel it rather than skipping.

Payment Plans are gone

This was not an easy decision and we sincerely tried to make this work but until payment plans are an option on our subscription software we can’t offer them on recurring subscriptions.

If you prefer a payment plan you can purchase the extra one time boxes if there are any or the paperbacks where sezzle is an option.

If you are a payment plan subscriber and you’d like to move to a one time pay subscription please email us so we can make that change. We will contact all payment plan subscribers prior to the end of the year to notify you of this change but if we do not hear back the subscriptions will be cancelled after the payments for this year have completed.