I'm new - what are the subscriptions?
We have 3 different themed boxes available for subscription.
Wicked Tales - perfect for the Paranormal and Fantasy readers.
Corrupted Nights - the best choice for all the lovers of Anti-hero/heroine romance reads.
Dark and Quirky is for our true mood readers. This is a curated box of our favorite reads from any genre. 

Are Skips allowed for the subscriptions?
We currently offer unlimited skips apart from the first enrollment payment.

Are there skip limits for the boxes?
You can skip any box as long as you do it before the skip date. Refunds will not be issued once charged.
The only box you WILL NOT be able to skip is Book Club. You can cancel if you decide you no longer want it but skipping is not an option. 

How do skips work?

We have 12 boxes planned in 2023 for subscription. 
Each of those boxes, while seasonal, has an assigned charging month.
We will not be offering refunds after the skip date so please set a reminder and make sure you are receiving our emails.

When will you be opening subscriptions again? 

Subscription spots will open at the end of 2023. 

If I don’t get a sub spot what happens?

You’ll stay on the waitlist until we open sub spots again.
Also, when a current subscription holder skips a particular box we will offer a one time purchase of that particular HC box to the next in line on the waitlist. You will stay on the list for a subscription spot and you can opt not to buy the one time box without losing your spot for a sub. 

Are subscriptions hardback only? Will I have the option to buy paperback?

Subscriptions are hardcover only.
Paperbacks will be available for individual sale on the website. The dates those will be available will be posted ahead of time.

Is there an option to pay the full year up front?
At the moment there is not. 

Is the price per box or per year? 

The prices listed are per box not per year.

Will SEs have sprayed/stenciled edges?
Yes, all special editions will have sprayed/stenciled edges. 


Will we know ahead of time which books the boxes contain?
Yes! We always announce the authors in advance and we will share covers on the website before you are required to skip (with the exception of the first box as those are unskippable).

Will you still have one time buys each month? 

Yes! We will have paperbacks available for individual sale once all the sub boxes ship. Hardbacks will only be available in the book box. 

Are all 3 boxes shipped together at the same time? 
No they will be shipped separately.