About Gi

Hi Friends! My name is Gianna Rose and I'm so happy you're here!  Reading has been an instrumental part of my life since I was a little girl. I remember going to the school book fair and begging my parents for money to buy the newest Candy Apple Book. I would sneak them into class and read instead of actually working, much to my teacher's dismay. It wasn't until I was eleven that I read my first real romance, "How to Be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days". My parents should have known then that my affinity with romance novels would only grow. Fast forward ten years and I decided to get an MA in popular romance literature looking into the growth of the Alpha male (yes, the research was as steamy as you think). It was no surprise when I joined Bookstagram and found my people. Now I talk romance novels all day and try to create special boxes I hope you'll love.