The Booktube Box

The Booktube Box

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BB Easton, Emma Scott, Jescie Hall, Kennedy Ryan, Q.B. Tyler

What you need to know 

✨5 Hardbacks with all the fixins (edges, endpages, custom formatting, SE cover) and character art.
✨only BB + QB books will be hand signed the other three with have Novel notes
✨scheduled to ship in October.
✨there is an order cap for this preorder. We will keep it open until the cap is reached.
✨link to product will be available September 1st 12pm PST in the Dark and Quirky Insta Bio
✨Currently there are no plans to reprint these covers.

✨Paperbacks will not be an option
✨$150+ applicable taxes
✨Discount codes apart from the BSP do not apply
✨ we ship directly to USA only. 3rd part shipping carriers have been a fan favorite for international buyers.